Bug Barometer: Fall Pest Forecast

Experts predict a pest-filled start to fall!

Find out the pest forecast in each region of the United States.

Spider trivia quiz

Convinced you know your spider species?

Take this spider trivia quiz to find out!

Spider species

Learn about 5 common spider invaders in the U.S.

Browse our slideshow for information on spider habits and threats.

Pest of the Month

Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito is an exotic mosquito species known for transmitting harmful diseases like Chikungunya and dengue fever.

Public Service Message

Doctor's Office PSA

Watch our new PSA done in partnership with ACAAI speaking to the health implications that pests can have on allergies and asthma.

Doodlebug Art Contest

Calling all young doodlebugs!

Do your kids love to draw? Submit their bug masterpiece in our Doodlebug Art Contest for a chance to get it made into a soft, plush, huggable toy. 

Pest Control Information from the Experts

Welcome to PestWorld, the official website of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In addition to general pest control resources, we offer detailed information on specific household pests to help you prevent infestations. Our comprehensive Pest Guide can be used for rodent, insect and bug identification. Each profile contains detailed information on the habits, habitats and threats associated with each pest - as well as pest control prevention advice.
Feel free to use PestWorld.org as your main resource for information on bugs, rodents, pest control and the growing professional pest management industry. Browse the latest pest news, get expert help, or find a pest control professional in your area. Get the most up-to-date pest control information straight from the experts at PestWorld!